E- Health: The urological team at Avisina uses E-consult

Digital information and communication technologies are important means to serve our patients more quickly and efficiently, and thus to support or improve their urological health.

What is an E-consultation (or teleconsultation)?

Easy…. An appointment as you are used to in a practice, but at any desired location via the internet. It's that simple.

This can be done safely through a special encrypted video connection in your own trusted environment at home on the sofa or at the kitchen table. No more stress or inconvenience to be at the practice on time for an appointment.

The E-Health applications that Avisina uses help patients to communicate with their familiar specialist digitally in a safe environment. Going to the practice physically is not always necessary, can be less safe and even undesirable (given the corona restrictions). E-consult is thus the perfect solution.

E-Health gives patients fast access to the expertise of the urologist and shortens the waiting time.

An Avisina E-consult can be used for urological diagnosis, to discuss the results of blood and urine tests and the values of blood and urine, and to exchange information with the specialist.

E-consult gives patients the personal face-to-face contact with the specialist and the care remains accessible, affordable and high quality.

When is an E-consultation possible?

The first appointment with the urologist has to take place in our practice in most cases, because of the physical examination that is necessary to form a diagnosis.

Follow-up appointments, check-up appointments or appointments that do not require a physical examination or treatment can often also take place via an E-consultation. But also discussing medication for your condition or treatment.

So make it even easier for yourself and inquire whether an E-consultation for your appointment is also possible. The assistant will gladly tell you what is possible.