Erection problems

Erection problems

Half of men have problems with erections and sometimes have difficulty getting an erection. About one quarter of all men over about 50 years old experience this problem more frequently. The penis contains blood vessels and blood sponge bodies that fill up like a sponge during an erection. The higher the blood pressure in the blood valves, the larger and firmer the erection.

Among the possible causes of erection problems are:

Erectile dysfunction can affect a relationship and the self-esteem of the man badly. As men often see sex in terms of performance, the thought of always wanting or having to perform may cause anxiety for having sex. The self-confidence decreases and the man has to concentrate so hard on achieving the desired erection that the spontaneity and pleasure of sex is gone. This can ultimately lead to the man avoiding sex and any form of intimacy altogether.

If erectile dysfunction is caused by a physical issue, there are various forms of treatment: pills, injection therapy or an erectile pump. There are three types of erection pills available at present: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. These may improve the quality of the erection, but they are not always risk free and not everyone may take these pills. Furthermore, many of the erection pills available on the internet rarely come with a guarantee of the correct composition of the pills.

Erectile dysfunction should not be immediately treated with erection pills as erection pills do not treat the underlying causes. It is becoming increasingly clear that erectile dysfunction is often not just a localised problem with the penis, but an expression of a disorder in the blood vessels in the body. It is wise to thoroughly check any potential underlying causes. As the different forms of treatment have their advantages and disadvantages, the right choice of treatment from among the various options is very important.

A urologist is well able to find out the causes of erection problems and to treat them.