Unwanted childlessness - Male infertility

A couple is fertile if the woman gets pregnant after one or two years of regular sexual intercourse. If this is not the case, they may suffer from impaired fertility or infertility. The causes may lie with the woman (30%), with the man (30%), or with both (30%).

Possible causes include the following.

These problems lead to a reduced chance of fertilisation. The poor quality of the sperm is caused by disruptions in the production of the sperm cells or the transport of these.

What can be done to improve the quality of the sperm?

What the urologist will do:

The doctor will examine your scrotums to determine their thickness and volume, to check the presence and the regularity of the discharge channels and to rule out potential varicose veins (varicocele). The hormonal status will also be checked and the semen analysis checked to determine the number, the motility and the vitality of the sperm cells. A second check-up is always needed in case the semen analysis shown any anomalies. 


The treatment depends on the cause of the infertility. Some of the options are as follows.