Second Opinion by Avisina

Second Opinion by Avisina

A second opinion is obtaining the evaluation or advice of one of our specialists on top of that of your physician. As an expert in the field, the specialist can oversee the diagnostic process and on request come to a conclusion with you. It is important to note that the specialist who gives a second opinion does not take over the treatment.

A second opinion is usually requested if there are doubts about the course of treatment suggested by your physician, or if there are doubts about the medicine and/or whether the proposed treatment is the right one. The purpose of a second opinion is to gather more information, create greater certainty and increase the safety in the course of treatment.

The Avisina team will work with you, independently and without bias, to find out if the diagnostic process and the proposed treatment is the best one for you.

What does the Avisina urologist do when asked for a second opinion?

  1. Reviews the medical question
  2. Closely exams the results of previous examinations, X-rays and blood tests
  3. Assesses whether the examination method is the right one or if additional examinations are needed
  4. Proposes a course of action (in consultation with the patient and with the team)

Is a second opinion covered by the insurance company?

Most healthcare insurers cover the costs of a second opinion. Before asking for a second opinion, check the terms and conditions of your policy to see if this is the case with your healthcare insurer.